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The Deaf-mutes' journal (May 15, 1924)

Topics Deaf

Held by Gallaudet University Library Deaf Collections and Archives, Washington, D.C. (catalog link:

The Deaf-mutes' Journal was published weekly starting with the Nov. 5, 1874 issue and ceased publication in 1938. It was preceded by The Mexico Independent and Deaf-mutes' Journal from 1872-1874, and was succeeded by the New York Journal of the Deaf, published in White Plains, N.Y. beginning in 1938

From 1874 until around 1880 it was published in Mexico, Oswego County, New York. Beginning around 1880 until 1938 it was published in New York, New York

The editors included Henry C. Rider, Fort Lewis Seliney, Henry Winter Syle, and E.A. Hodgson

A "Little Paper Family" publication

Publisher Mexico, N.Y. : Henry C. Rider
Language English
Collection gallaudetuniversity-deafmutesjournals

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